Teaching Tip: Share the Gospel

Ken Braddy

Tuesday’s teaching tip is practical and doable – share the gospel as you teach! It’s true that not every Bible study you will lead focuses on Jesus, but the Scriptures give testimony to Him – all of them. So wherever you are in the Bible, be sure to connect your study to the cross if the curriculum you use doesn’t.

Here’s a brief example: I have been spending time in 2 Chronicles 14-17, the story of King Asa. Jesus isn’t mentioned at all in this Old Testament story. So if I was teaching this or preaching this story, how would I connect it to the work of Christ?

  • Asa was a good king. I could bridge to Jesus, the Great King.
  • When Asa was faced with incredible challenges, he prayed and sought God. Christ, when facing incredible challenges, prayed in solitude and sought out his Heavenly Father.
  • King Asa…

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