6 ways to Embrace the Needs of New Believers in our Groups

Ken Braddy

I recently had a conversation with a group leader. She asked a tremendous question embraceabout having new believers in her group, versus having them in a separate group for newer believers. How are we to care for the needs of new believers when they are placed in groups with maturing believers? Challenges abound. So do opportunities.

I’ve been noodling on her question to me about this issue. Is it better to have newer believers mixed into groups with more mature believers, or is it better to separate those newer believers into their own groups?

I believe having new believers in our Bible study groups is the right way to make disciples. Here are few reasons why combining new believers and maturing believers is a good idea, and how we can embrace new believers and their needs

  1. Embracing new believers means embracing evangelism. Groups exist to make disciples. This means…

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