Opening Doors for Christ

Wings as Eagles

By Rebecca Zeigler

The youth of Calvary Baptist Church have been busy recently with many outreach programs and special services. Thanks to the efforts of Pastor Snow and many other members of the church, the youth group now has several past and future outreach programs.

One program available was Pastor Snow taking a group of teens through nearby neighborhoods to hang invitations on doors for the church’s special services or to witness to unbelievers. After the evangelism effort the teens went to lunch at a local fast-food restaurant where they could enjoy fellowship.

Another program the youth group has participated in was Christmas caroling and visitation with the elderly of the church. They spent one Wednesday filling stockings with gifts and then went caroling and delivered the stockings to the elderly.

Outreach programs aren’t the only activities the youth can enjoy. The church schedules “Work Days” for the weekends where…

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