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I’ve been a bi-vocational pastor my entire 14 year ministry. No matter who you talk to, there always is a distinction made between ministry and the “secular job.” I feel compelled to point out that, for the Christian, there is no such thing as a “secular job.” Everything in a Christians’s life is Christ-centered and for His glory. Your vocation is both a resource and a mission field. Vocational ministers are support staff for the real missionaries, and those are the members of our churches. Too often, members’ vocations get treated like “secondary work” because it isn’t “ministry.” Poppycock! On the other side of that coin, however, I’ve had it said to me that I have my ministry and my “real job.” That’s irksome. There are people in the world, and even in our churches, who still believe that the pastor just shows up to preach on Sunday. True, some…

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