Month: March 2018

Palm Sunday vs. Passion Sunday

Laced up Lutheran

The debate that church pastors have this time of the year is this – Do we focus on Palm Sunday and the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, or do we focus on the Passion of Jesus? This is an important debate – and one that doesn’t have a clear and easy right answer.  There are good answers for going either way.

The case for the focus on the full Passion (the trial, suffering, and crucifixion of Jesus) is that many people won’t attend worship services throughout Holy Week, so it is better to focus on the full passion, rather than only give part of the story and have people confused when they show up for Easter.  There are more subtle arguments, but this is the essence of this argument.

The case for the focus to only be on the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is that it’s up to each…

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A prayer for Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Christine Jerrett

You are on your way to Jerusalem, precious Lord —
on your way to suffering and to death
for the sake of our freedom and our salvation.
We are those who have signed up to follow you,
so, today, we shout, “Hosanna!”.
We hail you as King and Lord and Prince of peace.

But you alone know what the road ahead will require of us:
You know the powers that will seek to silence
your Word of Truth from our lips.
You know the fears that will lead us far from
the peace that you give.
You know the weariness that will overcome
our courage and our hope.
Yet, knowing all that, you love us still.
You weep over us when we are blind to your presence.
You lament that we are so stubborn in
resisting your way to peace.

As we enter into this holy week,
let your tears…

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A King Like No Other

Christine Jerrett

A prayer for Palm Sunday based on John 19: 16 -22

Lord Jesus Christ,
on this day, your disciples crowned you King
and we have joined their praise.

Yet, you are a King like no other.
You are on your way to suffering and to death
leading us into freedom and salvation and peace.
You offer your very self to heal our brokenness.
You take our violence and fears and hatreds
into your own life
and give back only love.

We pause now before this awesome mystery
watching as your power moves
beyond our weakness
beyond our failures
beyond our sins

Move us deeper into this holy story
and bring us into the wide open spaces of your grace
for yours is the kingdom,
yours is the power,
yours is the glory,
now and forever. Amen

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