Let’s understand Growth Mindset


Training for Ahvaan

5th March 2018

“Are Effective people born or Made” – Whenever I have asked this question to people, most of the time I have got a mixed response. Though there’s nothing wrong with you being on either side, however, it can somehow affect the work you are doing and your entire life.

I recently got a chance to talk about it at an organization named Ahvaan. It is a Delhi based NGO working with primary school teachers. They felt that it would be a useful training for their trainers as most of the time our teachers are either not motivated themselves or they don’t have meaningful expectations from the students they teach. In reality, we the trainers also sometimes don’t expect a lot from the teachers we train.

Growth Mindset is a term which was coined by ‘Ms. Carol C Dweck’ who has also written a book…

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