Daily Bible Scripture Friday 26th January 2018

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“Mankind cannot comprehend what happens under the sun.

No matter how hard men try, they cannot comprehend it.

Even if they claim that they are wise enough to know, they cannot really comprehend it.”

Ecclesiastes  8 verse 17.

To expand on this Bible Scripture:

Modesty can help us to make good decisions even when we cannot fully know or control how things will turn out.

As an example, if we enter some feature of the full-time service, what will happen to us if we get sick?

What if our aging parents need our help?

How will we look after ourselves in our old age?

No amount of prayer or research will reveal a complete answer to questions like these.

Our confidence in Jehovah will help us not only to acknowledge but also to accept our limitations.

After doing research, consulting others, and praying for guidance, we need to take…

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