Who’s Watching You?

Klamath Counseling Services

“You are the most influential player on this team.  If you walk around defeated, so will they.” – Facing the Giants

We are influencing someone.  Our actions inspire someone to do something.  In the home we are privileged to exercise leadership in God’s format; by his design.  To someone in your family, you are the most influential person in their life–whether good or bad.


You have been given a mantle of responsibility, of leadership, by God, that requires you to stand out in front and lead by example.  Undoubtedly, mothers have influence as well, but God has ordained men to be the heads of families, for men to be the ones that the family learns how to be like Jesus from and how to love the world.  Every child and every wife should feel that their husband knows the Lord more than they do. How can a father be…

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