Spurgeon: A Soldier’s Perspective

Onward: Thoughts of a Christian Soldier

Charles H. Spurgeon was an English Baptist preacher whose sermons and ideas remain influential within the church today, and was widely referred to as the ‘Prince of Preachers’.

Throughout his sermons and literary works, Spurgeon addresses ways in which ministers can address sinfulness and nominalism in one’s surrounding sub-culture. When applied to my ministry as a military leader, these ways take on somewhat new meanings, but the underlying principles remain relevant at the same time. Furthermore, these principles are also applicable to the church as a whole.

First, Spurgeon addresses the role of one’s individuality in portraying an earnest interest in the gospel that one preaches. He states, “Upon this matter of individuality, note first, the necessity of an earnest sense of our individual interest in the gospel which we preach.”[1] As a military leader, it is next to impossible to motivate Soldiers to accomplish a mission if one does not…

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