Embrace Dishonor for Jesus

Klamath Counseling Services

Acts 6:41b (HCSB)  …rejoicing that they were counted worthy to be dishonored on behalf of the name of Jesus.

Under command of those who hated the name of Jesus, the apostles were beaten and shamed in front of everyone.  What was the response of the apostles?  To rejoice!  These were not sadists.  They did not desire punishment or physical pain, but when it occurred, they knew that they had not deserted Jesus as they had in the Garden of Gethsemane.  This time, by the power of the Holy Spirit, they stood for Jesus without apology and without fear of what man would do to them.  We have this same Spirit within us that gives us the power and ability to withstand persecution.  In fact, dishonor is part and parcel of living as a Christian and should come to no surprise when it happens.  We do not desire to be…

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