The DollyDeLong: Our Debt Free Journey!

The Dolly DeLong

I wanted to share our debt free journey blog post that my brilliant husband, Ty, wrote and shared this week (click HERE to read our story).

Please note: this has truly been such a humbling & embarrassing experience for me. When I started college in 2003, I was not educated about student loans (or anything financial related).   I was just told (and taught) that I had to go to college as my next step after High School. I was also told/taught that it would be easy to pay off my loans once I graduated from college and that finding a decent paying job would be easy (HAH)! And here is the kicker: I was told that my mom had saved up money for my college expenses, but my biological father had used it when he had gotten into debt…isn’t that a kick to the stomach? I had to swallow a…

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