Book Review: “Union with Christ” by Rankin Wilbourne

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A little bit late, but here is a review for “Union with Christ: The Way to Know and Enjoy God” by Rankin Wilbourne.

I read this book earlier in the year (July) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The brevity of this review is due to the long gap in time from reading the book and writing this review! After reading it, I am not surprised that it came in 2nd on Desiring God’s, “Top 16 Books of 2016.” Honestly, I was drawn to this book because Amazon had it on sale for the Kindle. After hearing good things about I jumped on the deal and was delighted that I decided to read it.

Content: The title itself is self explanatory. It uncovers the strangely forgotten doctrine of union with Christ. I call it strangely forgotten because the book points out that it isn’t discussed nearly enough…

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