The Grit of Evangelism

Onward: Thoughts of a Christian Soldier

Evangelism…this is a word that permeates the Christian landscape, but few Christians really know and understand it, especially in practical terms.  Many people tend to aggrandize evangelism as a lofty concept that should be handled by ordained leaders in the church or trained ‘evangelists’.  However, personal evangelism is much simpler than that.  According to Will McRaney, “the word evangelism comes from a combination of Greek words for ‘good’ and ‘messenger’.”[1]  Essentially, personal evangelism is the sharing of the good message of Jesus Christ with others.  Seems simple enough, right?  Yes, and no.

While sharing this good message should be easy for most, it will always be a challenging task that will try even the most seasoned evangelist.  McRaney states that “dealing with lost people will cause us to get our hands dirty and sweaty just like tending to yard work. Part of evangelism is to clear up misconceptions and misperceptions…

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