You are one of those…..

Miles In Missions

We Couldn't do this without you

You are one of those….. “We couldn’t do this without you” people. You are one of those…. that shows up for us. You are one of those…. we lean on. You are one of those…. that allows us to do what we do in Nigeria.

You have housed us longer than is socially acceptable.
You have made meals for us or taken us out to eat.
You have licked envelopes for us.
You have sent encouraging emails and notes to us.
You have prayed for us.
You have raised early in the morning to go to the airport for us.
You have hefted 20, 50 lb. bags for us.
You have run to the store and shipped weird items to people coming to Nigeria for us.
You have loaded items on containers for us.
You have helped us with some piece of  paperwork for a passport, taxes and or insurance.

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