Sunday Stewardship Reflection for December 31st – Holy Family

Dare to Think Differently...No More Debt and Dis-ease!

It was more than thirty years ago that I first laid eyes on our first child, a new born son.

I recall an overwhelming feeling of how amazing God is.

He created this wonderful gift!

Day-to-day family life can be a challenge for many of us at times. It helps to look to the example of the Holy Family; of Joseph and Mary as the best model for living out our vocations as parents. Inspired by their example, and led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are able steward the gift of our children as God desires. The most important gift any of us can give our children is to nurture them in faith; so that, like Jesus, “they grow and become strong, filled with wisdom” and have the “favor of God” upon them.

Caring for our families is indeed a most vital; and a good example of…

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