Intro (pre-game) to DEBT FREE!


What if I were to tell you that you could live a life with no barriers? First thing you would say would be…what’s the catch?…No catch here, just a life free from the overall weightiness of life. The stressors that appear to be for most people are driven from all sorts of different directions. We devote the majority of our time to it. We ask advice about it. We seek freedom from it…Yes, what if I could tell you that you had the opportunity to be the LENDER and NOT the borrower? Would you believe me?

Well starting 1/1/2018, Chelsea and I are moving into a new realm of our lives. We are solely placing our trust in God and not in the almighty “magic plastic” to wish our cares away. We are going to pay off “virtually” a brand new car, all student loan debt, and I’m going to…

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