How to Save Money on Groceries

How to Excel at the College Lifestyle

Most people (at least at my university) don’t get a meal plan after freshmen year, since they’re no longer required and tend to be very expensive. However, everyone still needs to eat which leads to many college students grocery shopping by themselves for the first time. And if you’re like me, the first time I went grocery shopping I bought a lot of food– a lot of food I didn’t need. Also food that provided next to no nutritional value. Here are the tips I’ve learned through trial and error that make grocery shopping a breeze:

  • Never go shopping without a list. I know this cliche, but never go grocery shopping without a list. This will make sure you have everything you need, and prevent you from buying multiples of something you already have. AKA why I have multiple bottles of parsley.
  • Find a grocery store you love — and…

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