December 5

The Feasting Place Daily Devotional

​Topic: The Stewardship of Time


God is highly interested in how you use your time each day. He has given each one 24 hours each and He is interested in how you spend yours.

Your 24 hours are His gift to you, but you are also a steaward of the gift He has given you. A steward is a person who manages the property or affairs for another entity, and it is expected of a steward to be faithful and trustworthy, because every steward must give account of how he or she manages the property of his or her master.

Time should be taken seriously because in reality, human life on earth is measured in time. According to a popular saying, “Time wasted is life wasted.” Brian Russell maintains, “Time is a fragment of eternity given by God to mankind as a solemn stewardship, and one day God will…

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