Andrew Murray on Revival

Return, Revive, Repair, Restore

2700Below are two extended quotes by Andrew Murray (1828 to 1917) from his book entitled “Revival”.  Murray was South African writer, teacher, and Christian pastor who believed the “Great Commission” as given by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is the chief end of the church.  During his life and ministry, he personally witnessed the revival of the church in South Africa, as it began in his congregation. Murray has written many classic Christian works, on healing, ministry and most famously prayer. His book “With Christ in the School of Prayer” is a must read for every follower of Jesus. His writing here needs no further comment from me, but feel free to comment on what you read below.

“If revival is to come — greater, deeper, broader than any that has yet been — one great part of its powers will be in the conviction it will bring.  Many…

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