Racism, Baptists, and the NFL

Evangelist Dave Young

By now, you likely have read more articles and heard more debate about the NFL kneeling debacle than you care to handle! Are they right? Are they wrong? Should we boycott? Should we just ignore the whole mess? And so forth! While there are many issues surrounding this matter, one of them is certainly a matter we should address. That matter is RACISM! I have been thinking about it for some time and have finally decided to go ahead and write. Bear with me. Give me grace. And may God help all of us to be right and to do right!

Here is a bit of humor before I begin. I told my son that I was going to write an article on racism. His reply: “Dad, there’s nothing wrong with NASCAR!” LOL That is a pretty funny kid I have there!

So, anyway, here goes . . .

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