Four Ways to Prepare [Spiritually] for Christmas

Deep Water Life Coaching

I was delightfully reading a new little Advent devotional (by John Piper) I was sampling on my Kindle when I was hit with these words:

“Don’t let Christmas find you unprepared. I mean spiritually unprepared.”

Yikes. I went from delightfully reading to desperately panicking in seconds: what does it mean to be spiritually prepared for Christmas? I did a quick inventory: my gifts were bought (well, almost), the tree was up, the lights were hung (check, check, check). I even dutifully wore my Advent purple to church on Sunday (does that count?). But I realized I hadn’t really given much thought to preparing, really preparing, spiritually for Christmas.

Am I the only one? How about you (don’t worry, no one is forcing you to make a public confession)?

Thankfully, as I read on, Piper provided some helpful tips for preparing spiritually for Christmas, and I’d like to share them here, while…

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