Month: November 2017

Saving Sovereignty!

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Super video today. With people misusing the word sovereignty so much nowadays it’s important to give the word study. This one’s coming highly recommended. Plus, if you watch until the end you get a tiny pic of the noggin of my fellow WordPress guy Brandon, what? What do you mean you’ve never heard of him! All y’all need to read more. 😡

For quite sometime Traditionalists have attempted to save the word “sovereignty” from this generation’s consistent misuse of the term (which I’ve been guilty of as well in the past). I was happy to learn that we are not alone in our efforts.

I recently happened upon an article posted by Paul D. Miller, a student at the Reformed Theological Seminary. It was posted by The Gospel Coalition, a Calvinistic organization, in which (to my delight) he properly defines the word “sovereignty.”

I affirm most everything he…

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A Million Miles to Madison

Our Heart

On the day I found my daughter, I was on the internet searching out contract agencies who work with CPS, with the intent of applying to be a foster parent.  I would provide temporary care for hurting children while their families healed.  I had been at the computer for an hour or two and I realized I was getting tired and hungry.  Nothing seemed to click, I thought when I found the right agency, I would know.

 I couldn’t tell you how I got to the page.  I suddenly found myself staring at a photo page of waiting children from China.  Realizing that I strayed far from my goal of finding a local foster agency, I resolved to quickly pray over the pictures, shut my computer down, and go fix a sandwich.  I prayed hurriedly that each of these children would find a loving family with parents who would cherish…

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This boy

Our Heart

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This boy. If I think about my anxieties and fears as I walked the ancient streets of Seoul it can still trigger deep feelings for me. The city of Seoul; so rooted in its past of old world cobblestone streets, palaces and traditions –  is also filled with the most modern buildings and high-tech amenities one could ever imagine. I am not sure there has ever been a more poignant representation of the contradictions that arose in my soul as we traveled around the world to bring our boy home, than this place.

This boy. A child who I deeply love (and loved) also brought about the hardest time emotionally I have ever walked through. His presence throwing me into a tailspin of anxiety I’d never faced before.

This boy. His deep hurts. His need to be loved unconditionally. His smile. He too represented a deep contradiction of terms. For…

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What I wanted

Our Heart

I wanted it to be special. I wanted the Hallmark-card-commercial kind of a day that would be epically memorable for all of my kiddos. I wanted her to feel beloved; treasured beyond measure and full of confidence and excitement. I wanted to have peace; a calm time of celebration and a day full of peaceful gathering and memory-sharing. I wanted to connect with her; to recall the beautiful and complicated journey that took her into our family. I wanted to celebrate her life; the honor it is to be her mom, the amazing things she has brought to our world. I wanted to write an amazing Facebook tribute, post incredible photos to Insta and tweet all day about our girl’s birthday.

I wanted her to see my intentions and my heart to share this special day with her.

But you see; today was not to be a day about what…

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Freedom Financial Asset Management: A Millennial’s Guide to Saving

Many millennials are seeing their salaries rise each year, but not seeing the same jump in their retirement savings. As pensions are being phased out, proper management of money becomes an absolute necessity to young workers hoping to retire one day. Over the broad time horizon from when a millennial begins earning money and when they will retire, millions of dollars are on the line.

Albert Einstein said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it, he who doesn’t, pays it.” Compound interest could be the tool that allows you to retire early and comfortably. That’s why Freedom Financial Asset Management created this millennial’s guide to retirement saving.


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