To Trust a Mysterious God

Generous Beggar

Jeremiah 32:

  • This chapter is terrifying and beautiful. God calls Jeremiah to purchase a field on land that is about to be forcefully taken by the Babylonians. On the surface, in man’s eyes, this seems like a waste of resources and energy. (vs. 25) What a short-cited view of God! He who created all things and holds all power is not needing to conserve resources and energy for His purposes. Jeremiah recognizes this, saying, “Nothing is too hard for you [God].” (vs. 17)
  • Certainly God works in mysterious ways. Faith is a battle that is fought in the fields of conflict and confusion, not in banquet halls. God does give wonderful promises (see vss. 37-41), but they are realized, ONLY in part, after 70 years. (Many who were hearers of these promises would have passed away without witnessing them.) And the fullness of these promises are still yet to come.

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