Global Glory from a Broken Body

Generous Beggar

Isaiah 11 & 12:

  • The filing of the earth with the glory of the LORD is a BIG deal! (11:9) This concept is repeated 3 times (11:9; 12:4, 5) in these chapters. In addition, themes of justice (peace, non-violence, unity, equity, abundance, etc.) are mentioned as characteristics of what things will be like ” in that day.” (11:10) These are not just realities, goals, responses, even commands! When we feel the anger of the LORD turned away from us (12:1), we respond with praise and proclamation until everyone can see our God this way. (12:3-6)
    • LORD, let me see You and feel You this way. Then I can proclaim You with pure joy. Not to compel people against their wills, but to present You truthfully and as desirable, that many may come!

Lamentations 1:

  • It’s heartbreaking to hear Jeremiah mourn over the degradation of his home and people. Have you…

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