Bible Study: Digesting God’s Word

God's Way Actually Works

bibleStudying the Bible is a fundamental practice that you simply cannot afford to skip. God’s Word is power. It is medicine to heal your wounds, and it’s a weapon to fight spiritual battles. If you believe you are “too busy” to study the Bible, then it’s time to reconsider what role, if any, your faith has in your life. Saying you are a Christian who is “too busy” to study the Bible is like saying you are married but “too busy” to live with your spouse. Jesus didn’t call us to warm a pew for an hour on Sundays. God wants a relationship with you, and an integral part of that relationship is getting to know God by studying His Word.

I would like to share a method for studying the Bible that I learned from Tony Evans and Joyce Meyer. Tony Evans taught me that God’s Word…

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