Radical Peace Amidst a Horrible Shooting

Jamin Bradley

We didn’t have all the details about the Sutherland Springs shooting correct when we heard about it at church this morning, but our church body stopped mid-service to engage in prayer on the First Baptist Church’s behalf. It seemed unfair to pray for forgiveness and peace so soon after the shooting, but we knew it would be a long road ahead for the victims and that it might be helpful for us to pray the things they would not be able to vocalize for possibly years to come. We prayed for love, healing, peace, miracles, for the dead to be raised, and we even prayed for the salvation of the shooter.

I am motivated to pray like this because of radical Christians like our brothers and sisters who endured the Charleston Church shooting of 2015. As you’ll recall, during a time where America was already suffering from racial inequality, a…

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