OSC’s Engaging the Bible (I)

Old School Contemporary

9562941440_751abbd7ee_kAwhile back I exchanged messages with a determinist named bob, bob polo. Bob’s a five pointer (so a Calvinist), albeit he often protests to not being a Calvinist (without clarifying his views mind you). Beginning our exchange bob laid down the law to “freewill idolaters” everywhere, as people outside of the determinist camp are sometimes described. Bob doesn’t use the same terms but makes the very same accusation. To which I explained that’s simply incorrect, as in many (if not the majority) of cases where believers challenge theistic determinism, they’re writing in defence of divine holiness. Sadly bob ignored my points, instead, digging deep into their bag of proof texts my “conversation” partner (using the word loosely) simply restated their viewpoint. Bob challenges me by no less than eight separate proof texts!*They complained: “You realize that God created the conditions…

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