Month: October 2017

Let God Restore Your Soul

Source: Let God Restore Your Soul


A Prayer For You

Praying for somebody else is a humbling experience.Do you remember the last time you prayed for somebody who was not your close family member? Praying for others means we put others before us.It is a sacrificial act.The Lord Jesus Christ encouraged us to pray for…

Expect Great Things!

From the Inside Out

Each time before you intercede,

be quiet first and worship God in his glory.

Think of what he can do

And how he delights to hear the prayers

of his redeemed people.

Think of your place and privilege in Christ

and expect great things!

Andrew Murray

We can EXPECT great things?  That news gets my heart beating a little faster. How about you?

I also find Reverend Murray’s affirmations raising important questions–questions like:

How do I quiet myself?

My thoughts can jump from one thing to another until they’re on another continent from the subject of my prayer. What’s a scatterbrain like me to do?

I researched solutions for that problem a couple of years ago, and six suggestions became a blog post, “The Drift into Distractions.”

Since then I’ve encountered two more ways to still my mind:

1. One, shut the door.

Sounds a bit silly, I…

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Thirst For God/ It’s Not Happening Without God

I-Challenge You

Sermon of the Day:

It’s Not Happening Without God

Psalm 143:6 NIV

I spread out my hands to you;
    I thirst for you like a parched land.

Good Morning Men.

The above verse hit me like a ton of bricks. It convicted me of some wrong thinking and wrong pursuits. Then it encouraged me and strengthened me immensely.

The question I asked myself, I would like to ask each of you: What is the main thirst of your life?

We live in an amazing time to be alive. There is so much opportunity, there is so much that we have access to everywhere we look, at the touch of a button. However with these amazing advantages also comes some disadvantages.

Our society is constantly shaping us to do more and more in less and less time. We all are being tugged and pulled in a hundred directions. Majority of these…

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When It’s Too Much to Carry / God’s Time Frame

I-Challenge You

Sermon of the Day:

When It’s Too Much to Carry

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.

“God’s not concerned with timelines.”

Although this was not the primary message yesterday in church, it was a great reminder when I heard this. In fact the above verse and a few men popped into my mind.

The above verse is a great anchor in seasons of impatience because we have to remember to trust in the Lord’s time frame. God is omniscient, He is time, He lives outside of time. For God everything is now. This is hard for us to see most of the time, we want now and expect now. If it doesn’t happen now in our finite minds then we lose hope or we can become discouraged. We must remember to be strong and take heart and keep…

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