The Drift into Distractions

From the Inside Out


Are you ever distracted while trying to pray? I am!  One minute I’m deep into intercession for a friend, the next I suddenly think to purchase Christmas cards today (triggered by thoughts of friends, you see).

Why is it my thoughts can drift so easily? How is it possible to lose focus while in the presence of Almighty God? Such a frustration. Guilt-producing, too.

Perhaps strategies such as these will be helpful:

  • Light a candle.

Let it symbolize the presence of Jesus, our Light of the world, with us as we pray.


  • Picture a quiet place with Jesus.

For years my quiet time took place in the early morning hours before anyone else got up. For Bible study, I spread my books and papers across the kitchen table. For prayer time, I spread my arms across the table, visualizing Jesus sitting on the other side from me and holding my…

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