God Has a Purpose for My Lyme Disease -Three Promises for Any Suffering

Set Apart


As my seven-year-old daughter curled up on the couch with stomach pain, she looked up at me with sadness and confusion in her eyes and said, “Mommy, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I kind of wish you hadn’t had us when you were sick — then you wouldn’t have given us all your Lyme Disease.”

Although that comment would typically have felt like salt in a wound (despite not knowing that I was sick prior to having children), thankfully the Spirit gave me the ability to hear her words as words of searching, not of accusation.

As my own mind raced to answer the very question that I have often wrestled with as well, I anchored myself in the truth that God has sovereignly allowed this. I shared with my daughter that God knew the number of our days, the hairs on our head, and the struggles…

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