​Focusing on the Main Thing

Seth Tan

Stephen Covey once said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” He was talking about being focused on our life’s goals and not be distracted by other stuff. We need this truth in our churches badly today too.
There are thousands of denominations, mainline or independent. However, that is not a problem. Each church is like a different ice cream flavour. People choose what they like. The problem is saying one flavour is better than another. We say that Baptists are more biblical than Pentecostals, or that Methodists are more spiritual than Anglicans. Jesus prayed that the church would be one united body (John 17:20-23). I think many people confuse unity and uniformity. Unity is a heterogeneous cohesion that acknowledges differences. Uniformity is a homogeneous cohesion that insists on total conformity. We are seeking unity, not uniformity!

Now the question is what do I mean…

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