Missionaries Have Bad Days, Too


Well, that’s going to leave a mark,” I grimaced.

While taking down one of my go-to cookbooks from a shelf that was well beyond my reach, another cookbook toppled with it. Before I could shield my head, the second cookbook crashed into my lifted face and then thudded to the kitchen floor.

“Ouch,” I said as I touched the side of my mouth. “That really hurt.”

As I rubbed my cheek, I thought of John’s departing words this morning. “This day is going just as well as yesterday.” I couldn’t help but agree with him as I winced.

John embarked on another short ministry trip for Zimbabwe this morning. He’ll be away for most of the week. When preparing for a trip, it’s our desire to commit much of our time and energy to that readying effort.  It rarely works out that way, though. Life happens. Obstacles arise. Other immediate…

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