Kingdom Loving – part 1

The Word 4 Life

Love as the song says, makes the world go round… The airwaves are filled with songs about love, the genre of romantic novels abounds with love stories, social and political drama’s frequently have a sub story of a couple falling in love, yet love in our world so often has parameters around it, I’ll love those of my race, or class, or educational status, or enjoy the things I do, think like I do etc., and as easily as people fall in love, they fall out of it.

The Bible presents us with a very different kind of love.

1. First of all it paints a picture of a God who is love, He doesn’t have it as if it were a commodity, or something he dispenses, he is love itself. This love is found in a community of Being, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who have eternally existed and…

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