The Gifts of Autumn


Is 60 the new 40?  If so then I am 34! Whoa…… I am in the early chapters of the autumn of my life and with that I am coming into this time of my life with completed chapters behind me.  Stories, experiences and time spent all written on their pages.  This article by Dr. Judith Rich, The Gifts of Autumn is a wonderful perspective for those of us who are blessed to have made it this far and yes there is more to be written.

Autumn has a deeper meaning for me this year as I recognize my own life about to enter its “autumn years.” People jest that “60 is the new 40” — I guess that makes me “the new 50” on my birthday next year. The younger version of me always dreaded the idea of growing older. Now that I’m knocking on autumn’s door, I’m quite…

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