3 Post-Grad Truths

Sara K Stories

Post-grad life has its ups and downs. Yesterday was sort of a down-up, and I wasn’t sure what today would be until I woke up this morning and decided to spend time with my God, open my Bible, and pray.

Why’d I do this? Because that’s what a good Christian does. Just kidding. Honestly, I’ve been having trust issues and I won’t trust God if I don’t spend time with Him. So I need to spend time with him. Always.

Anyways. Why the trust issues? Because YOU KNOW that everybody and their mother has been asking me, “What’s next? Are you here to stay?” And I’ve been looking at my future and completely panicking because everyone expects me to know what’s next, but I can’t friggin see. Entrepreneurship is scary. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know where the money’s going to come from. I don’t know who’s gonna stick…

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