Y oh Y are we so obsessed with food?

eyes bigger than belly

You were born sometime between 1980 and 2000, owned a Tamagotchi, played Pokemon (still do) and you mastered the Macarena at school discos. You went through an emo phase, spent most of your waking hours on MSN and occasionally did an all-nighter in a park. You’re a millenial and there are 14 million others like you in the UK alone. You’ve also probably been out to eat with friends at least once in the past week, have a camera roll with a food to friends photo ratio of 2:1 and you know who has won Bake Off every year since 2010.

Our obsession with food is endemic; it’s increasingly widespread, it’s fierce and most of all it’s sincere. Seen as something way more than the fuel that keeps us alive, food is the environment, politics, health and culture all wrapped into one, the same things that grace our newspapers each…

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