Month: July 2017

Personal Witnessing

Center for Evangelists

Events are a great place to win people to the Lord and the focus of SOS Events ministry, but we must not neglect personal witnessing as well.

Yesterday, Carolyn Curtis had an opportunity to witness and lead a serviceman to the Lord. Carlos came to find out why her tv was not working correctly. When he finished, she asked him if he knew the 3 Things God Can Not Do, and he said, “no”.

She handed him a “3 Things” tract and went through it with him including the “ABC’s”. (If you do not know the 3 things go to SOS home page and scroll down)

Carlos prayed, and accepted Jesus as his Savior.

It is so important to take advantage of every opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. You may be the only Christian that a person comes in contact with. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you to…

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Salvation Blessing

Center for Evangelists

This week SOS Events had a special blessing. One of the Bible tracts that have the “3 Things God Can Not Do” was sent to the office from a woman who got saved reading it.

On the back of the tract is a little box for a person to make a check mark and beside the box it says I promise God to read this. When a person is too busy to talk or is not ready to receive Christ many times when witnessing one of our workers will say, “Will you promise God you will read this? Check the box.”

When this particular tract came to the office the box was checked and the date of salvation was filled in. Which is another space on the tract. When that space is filled out SOS Events sends Bible studies, some helpful information to start that person on her new…

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