What Can Gen Y Teach Baby Boomers?


teacher.pngTeaching in the traditional sense has involved a linear power relationship between the ‘master’ and the student. The same principle has applied to organizations, where new employees (usually in their twenties) yield to the authoritarian structure to learn “how we do things here.” Leadership, in effect, was akin to command and obey, and not about enrolling people in a common mission and vision.

That model worked reasonably well in the 20th Century, or at least for the most part. But now in a world of increasing complexity and unpredictable events, combined with bursts of technological advancements, the old teaching model is an anachronism. One could argue that it will impede the ability of North American society to expand its knowledge and innovation capacity.

Now that Boomers are steadily matching towards the retirement door, or at least transitioning from working in repressive authoritarian organizations to other more enlightening pursuits, it’s time…

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