Is Gen Y the Next Baby Boomer Generation?


They’ve become the center of attention – big time – on two contrasting fronts over the past decade.

Gen Y (between late teens and 32) were the focus of attention by demographers and the like a decade ago. I well recall listening to (as well as reading countless reports from) so-called experts on how Gen Y would have its way with employers, that Baby Boomer bosses would have to kiss Gen Y’s collective butt. Baby Boomers no longer ruled: they were ageing steadily, weren’t hip with emerging technologies, were too consumed on the distant (but looming horizon) of retirement land, and were self-centered bosses.

Just think of all the TV shows that Gens X and Y have been subjected to over the years. Nostalgia reigned. It was all feel good stuff for Boomers. Ageing musicians on stage, their arthritic hands painfully plucking at guitar strings, their faces plastered in makeup…

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