Are You Managing or LEADING Generation Y?


Updated December 1, 2011

I recently did a Google search on “Generation Y.” The outcome?

4,050,000 results.

I then searched “Millennials” and got 483,000 results.

I almost didn’t write this post.

Why bother, everyone but the mailman (sorry, letter carrier) is writing on the subject of Generation Y or what some call Millennials, the Echo Generation or the Net Generation.

Are you confused? Don’t be.

The age span of Gen Y is still being debated. From what I’ve read, relying primarily on demographers (who should have the best perspective), Gen Y began about 1980. The youngest Gen Yers were born in the mid 1990s. Some demographers argue that Gen Y commenced around 1977.

Let’s not split hairs folks.

I possess no special powers, secret herbs or a magic crystal ball that can peer into the future to predict what will happen to Gen Y when it comes to their careers…

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