5 Simple Ways to Save Money in 2017

All Things Money

Saving money isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do in the world- in fact, it’s quite a bit like dieting and counting calories, but just like dieting, once you start and see how quickly small changes can add up, the rewards are definitely worth the initial discomfort that comes along with any lifestyle change. Are you willing to bear a little discomfort for dramatic changes to your finances? Here are 5 ways you can save money quickly:

1) Coupons and Rebates – We’ll start off with the simple, and to some obvious, and then work our way towards the less thought-of and unusual methods to save a good chunk of cash in no time, starting with coupons and rebates. For most of us, these two words conjure up visions of people taking forever in the line at K-Mart to sift through their stacks of receipts and paperwork, arguing with the…

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