Monday Motivation: Standing Alone

Faith and Footsteps

We are creatures of comfort and with that comes our ingrained desire to be liked and agreed with.  Even the most staunch introverts and individual thinkers still wish to be heard and understood.

So, imagine if you will, what it was like in Noah’s day when he was commanded by God to build the ark.  Imagine what it was like to be the only man who stood for God in an evil, sinful generation.  Sometimes we bemoan the wickedness of our current time, but I believe it is nowhere near as bad as Noah’s time on earth.  It must have been if God wished to destroy his creation (Genesis 6:12-13).

But look at Noah’s example.  We have to look no further than Noah to see what it would look like to stand alone for God.  As difficult as that was, he was still willing to live a righteous…

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