The Importance of Christianity as a Steadying Moral Force

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Ronnie Floyd pic Ronnie Floyd

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has served as Senior Pastor of Cross Church Northwest Arkansas for the past two decades. In a recent post on, Dr. Floyd addressed the topic “How to Deal with Where Things Are in America,” focusing on setting right a country in which differing ideologies seem to be colliding.

In seeking to get beyond a mindset of conflict, Dr. Floyd suggests that people of all political persuasions seek out the “real truth,” beyond listening to pundits and unfounded media reports. Information must be sought out personally, rather than relying on hearsay and politically motivated assertions.

Dr. Floyd also suggests that, as Christians, it is important to have the conviction to be a change agent for good. A positive attitude goes a long way in carrying out God’s will, whatever the prevailing political climate. Similarly, followers of Christ must unite in making daily prayers to…

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