7 Ways to Stay Productive Throughout the Day

The Writer's Hole

We all have those days when it feels like there are too many tasks to get done. And all we can think about doing is sitting down, closing our eyes, and letting procrastination take over.

But being productive and getting things done has great benefits. Stay productive all day long with these great tips.

1. Stay off of social media and turn off your phone while working

Sometimes, you might want to relax and do some mindless thumb-scrolling, but this can seriously damage your productivity. Seeing other people’s seemingly “perfect” lives can overwhelm us and make us feel that nothing we do will ever compare to them.

2. Set goals for yourself

Before you get to work, make a list of everything you want to get done. Creating a list can really help you focus on what needs to be done, and get those feet moving.

3. Move around!


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