On Baptist Origins

Theology Still Matters

In his work The Baptist Heritage, H. Leon McBeth lists the outgrowth of English separatism, influence of biblical Anabaptists, continuation of biblical teaching throughout the age, and organized Baptist churches throughout the ages as the four views of Baptist origin [1].  These four origins will be briefly summarized.

In the separatism there were groups who did not think tat the church of England was a true church.  Their desire for reform was a logical conclusion for separatism.  They sought reasons for what they believe in the scriptures.  In regards to this H. Leon McBeth writes, “one must not look to the Anabaptists but to the scriptures available in English and the desire for reform among English Christians [2].”  There are some scholars who say that they sprang from the Anabaptists movement, but this was hotly contested by those in the Separatist movement.

Secondly, there are those who believe Baptists…

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