Prayer on the Streets: Testimonies from the Westside

ChattHOP Blog

Written by Adam Whitescarver | ChattHOP Staff


I want to bear witness to Christ’s work in our city, testifying that taking God to the streets is NOT impossible. Quite to the contrary, He is already there, and has been long before we got there. He is the One who has prepared people we pray for before we meet them so that somehow, some way, we are regularly told things like “That’s exactly what I needed to hear today!” or “How did you know I had been struggling with that?” Truth be told, we didn’t know, but God did, and He led us to the right people and gave us the right prayers to pray.

Almost weekly, a few of us from ChattHOP go out and prayer walk the streets. Usually we head to Chattanooga’s Westside, one of our city’s poorest neighborhoods. At a park recently, we met a lady who…

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