What Makes People Successful?

Collin Olivier

To most people, success is sort of a mystery.  Even with there being so many people and groups who make it their purpose to educate people on the subject, it still isn’t popular knowledge.

I think first it’s important to define what success is exactly.  Success is different from person to person, but I’ll give it a broad definition for relatability.  Success is a progressive realization of worthwhile dreams and goals.  It’s achieving something and using that achievement as a stepping stone to achieve something else along the journey.

I think it’s also important before I really get into it to state that there are varying degrees of knowledge within any society.  Just as a rule of thumb, there will always be high achievers and low achievers.  I’ve found that this phenomena is caused by people’s habits.  But, the habits can always be traced back to the way people think…

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