7 Qualities to Become a Great Leader

Move the Mountain Ministries

What makes a great leader? Leadership guru John C. Maxwell lists 21 qualities. Forbes magazine presents 22. Other writers list 10, or even boil it down to five essential qualities.

Like beauty, what makes a great leader is often in the eye of the beholder.

One unique character study on leadership can be found in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. It takes place about 150 years after Jerusalem has been destroyed by the Babylonians, but it was now under control of the Persians. Nehemiah, a descendant of the Jews captured by the Babylonian army, served as cup bearer to King Artaxerxes (meaning he tasted all of the king’s drinks to make sure they weren’t poisoned). Nehemiah decided that the walls around Jerusalem should be rebuilt to make it livable again for his fellow Jews.

Although his position seemed an unlikely one for leadership, here are a few qualities that…

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