Boomers: The generation that redefines retirement?

hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley

Chicago Skytop

Baby boomers are getting old quickly.

They’re talking about retiring.

They see headlines that say, “By 2025 three-fourths of the workforce will be millennials.”

All of this is concerning to boomers, but they’re hardly being babies about it.

Some say boomers never have lived up to their promise. I say their promise and more may be realized by the way they’ll reshape the notion of retirement.

Retirement brings to mind visions of rocking chairs on the front porch.

For the last eight years boomers should have been securing the most wealth they ever have in their working lives. Instead, they have remain engaged in the midst of a global recession, with a recovery that has only made it to the wealthy minority or one percent.

What most boomers, millennials and anyone else working during the last eight years have in common is their accumulation of personal, individual wealth has been minuscule.

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