Simple Preaching like C.H. Spurgeon

Rags for Riches

I have learned so much about preaching from reading Charles Spurgeon. Whether it is reading what he says about preaching, or watching his example of preaching by reading his sermons, it is evident that his nickname, the “Prince of Preachers” is fitting.

I was struck again by his example as I was recently reading through a sermon of his entitled, “The Blood-Shedding.” A simple yet powerful title. Fitting, for the title accurately represented his sermon; simple, yet powerful. The text he preached on was one little phrase within Hebrews 9v22 – “Without shedding of blood is no remission.” His approach to this text was simple, but not shallow. Spurgeon stuck to his text. He did not go to the right or the left of it. He dove down to the depths of it. He did not zig or zag from the text. He expounded upon it for all it was worth.

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